Tuesday, December 28, 2010

King David...revisited

Its no secret that C's favorite person from the Bible, save Jesus, is King David.  Lately, he's been learning a bit past the 5 stones and a slingshot King David, though...

C:  "Mommy, did you know King David stole someone's wife?" 

Me:  "I did.  That's not cool, is it?"

C:  "No, it isn't."

Me:  "What's even worse than that...is once he stole another man's wife, then he had her husband go to war so he would die." 

C:  "No, he didn't."

Me:  "Totally did.  That didn't make God very happy, did it?"

C:  "No way."  [pondering for a few moments]  "King David make some really bad decisions, Mom." 

Me:  "Sure did, bud.  But God lets us make really bad decisions sometimes so we learn how much we need Him.  When we make mistakes, He shows us how much He loves us by letting us learn hard lessons.  Then, hopefully, we won't do those things again." 

C:  "I think that might have been the hardest lesson of all." 

I don't know about that that, buddy...but keep learning.  You are loved!

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