Sunday, June 12, 2011

my geo whiz

Another blast from the past...

I was having a "moment" know, the mom moments...when you have just cleaned everything up and collapse on the nearest piece of furniture?  C did what little boys do...dragged his toys back to the living room.  He contentedly played with them for a while, and then did what little boys distracted and left them there. 


"C...please come pick up your toys from the middle of the living room." 

Ever the people-pleaser, he comes skipping back into the living room.  "Yeah, mommy?" 

I repeat my request, as patiently as possible.  Toys.  Middle of the room.  Pick 'em up, cowboy.  I'm beginning to wonder why he's looking at me so quizzically.  Silently, he shrugs his shoulders, picks up his toys...and moves the to a different spot in the room. 

"C, what are you doing?!"

"Mommy, that wasn't the middle of the room.  This is the middle of the room." 

Technically - geometrically or geographically or whatever geo you want - he was right.  Hard to argue with the mathematical mind.  :-)