Tuesday, December 28, 2010

King David...revisited

Its no secret that C's favorite person from the Bible, save Jesus, is King David.  Lately, he's been learning a bit past the 5 stones and a slingshot King David, though...

C:  "Mommy, did you know King David stole someone's wife?" 

Me:  "I did.  That's not cool, is it?"

C:  "No, it isn't."

Me:  "What's even worse than that...is once he stole another man's wife, then he had her husband go to war so he would die." 

C:  "No, he didn't."

Me:  "Totally did.  That didn't make God very happy, did it?"

C:  "No way."  [pondering for a few moments]  "King David make some really bad decisions, Mom." 

Me:  "Sure did, bud.  But God lets us make really bad decisions sometimes so we learn how much we need Him.  When we make mistakes, He shows us how much He loves us by letting us learn hard lessons.  Then, hopefully, we won't do those things again." 

C:  "I think that might have been the hardest lesson of all." 

I don't know about that that, buddy...but keep learning.  You are loved!

King David

C:  "Mom, I want to meet King David.  He was so awesome...killing Goliath, saving God's people, using his slingshot"  [each of these word pictures were punctuated with live action, by the way]

Me:  "Well, honey, you can't.  He's been dead for hundreds of years."  (mind you, I'm completely distracted, reading a book at this point)

C:  [astounded silence...breaking into shock and awe...then horror at the realization...as he crumbles to the floor in tears]  "But I wanted to meeeeeeeeeeeeet hiiiiiiiiiiiim...............!!!!"

Now, at this point...before you think I'm a bad mom, I've totally put my book down.  I had no idea how involved this was going to get.  I gather my little sobbing heap into my arms and am trying to make sense of this seemingly spiritual meltdown...

Me:  "Honey, King David was a real person, but he lived hundreds of years ago.  He's in heaven now.  But one day, because of what Jesus did for us, we'll be in heaven too, and you can meet him." 

C:  [now pouting] "But he's dead."

Me:  [sensing the conversation was about to take a deep turn...one too deep, possibly, for my little 5-year-old-at-the-time]  "But he's alive in heaven!" 

C:  [still pouting...but now pensive]  "But he's dead."

Me:  "When we die on earth, we get to go to heaven and we're alive again with Jesus.  He gives us a new body."  [Lord, help me here...]

C:  "Really?  A new body?"  [King David is now a thing of the past.  Literally.]

Me:  "Really."

C:  "Wow.  Mommy...I can't wait to get to heaven to get my new body!  I bet Jesus picked a really good one out for me!!  I'll bet I'm really handsome." 

For sure, little man.  For sure. 

happy birthday, jesus!!

C:  "Mommy, can you send cards to heaven?"

Me:  "No, I don't think so, buddy."  Crap.  Wait...I need to rethink that answer...I'm not sure yet why he's asking.  "Wait!  I think so.  Totally.  Yeah, you totally can." 

C:  thinking..."Would it get there in time for Christmas, do you think?" 

Me:  "Absolutely. What did you have in mind?"

C:  "I think we should get a balloon for Jesus' birthday and send a card to heaven with it.  I hope he gets it in time..." 

Well, we definitely missed the deadline, but Jesus got his birthday card today.  Courtesy of a Red Robin balloon, some markers and one sweet little boy. 


Monday, December 27, 2010


i will preface this entire blog with this deep truth: 

i am entirely biased. 

i think my 6 year old is wonderful.  in fact, i think he may be one of the best kids on the face of the earth.  and he says DARN funny stuff sometimes. 

about life.

about Jesus. 

about everything. 

so...enjoy.  :-)