Sunday, January 16, 2011

bucket filler

c's school does a behavior program called being a "bucket filler."  i was new to the idea, so he's been filling me in.  basically, there's a puppet (who happens to be a talking bucket.  :-?  yeah.  okay.)  who tells the kids that the whole point of this behavior program is to do nice things for others...hence, being a "bucket filler."  bullies, i've been told, are "bucket dippers."  this is a big deal, people.  a really big deal.  if you get caught being one of the aforementioned bucket fillers, you get your good deed read over the announcements, and your picture on the wall with the puppet.  this is akin to the nobel peace prize for kindergartners.  :-)

c has been angling to get the award all year.  every day, quite literally, he does something and then says to me, "mommy, did i fill your bucket?"  kisses, feeding the dog, opening doors for name it, he does it.  [these people really know how to indoctrinate young children!] 

one evening at dinner, after asking me several times already that day if he had filled my bucket, c asked if he could pray for dinner.  of course, we told him he could.  we bowed our heads, and geared ourselves up for what would become the prayer of the year.  he really outdid himself.  i think our meal was blessed, our family was blessed, third-world children were blessed...  *laughing*  as he lifted his head, he looked at joshua and i with a smug, all-knowing look. 

"bet that filled God's bucket." 

sure did, mister.  sure did. 

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