Tuesday, December 13, 2011

rock, paper, scissors...

[walking around the corner into the kitchen]

C:  "Mommy, rock, paper scissors...", he said ominously..."for a brother." 

Hmm, ok.  I hear rock, paper, scissors is the best way to solve major life decisions - including adoption. 

Rock.  Paper.  Scissors.  Shoot. 

Me:  "HA!  I win.  Girl."  I grinned. 

He glowered at me.  "Best outta three..." I'm telling you.  This kid shoulda been a cowboy. 

[Fast forward to the part where I beat him again...in rock, paper, scissors.  Geez.  What kinda mom do you think I am?!  lol]

Me:  "You do know that your dad is actually the one you should be talking to about this, right?  He's the one that really wants a sister for you." 

C:  "What?!"  He looks as if he has just been betrayed by more than just genetics and DNA.  The very essence of the 'boy code' has been compromised. 

I left him to chew on this thought for a while.  He's comin' around...but I am pretty sure he wishes that rock, paper, scissors game had gone his way.  ;-) 

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